“Baaaa” … Black hats and the Wall of Sheep

August 8, 2008

You’d think the organizers of a hackers’ conference would be a bit more understanding that one of their own hacked into a computer in the annual convention’s press room.

Think again. Three reporters working for a French Internet security publication were promptly escorted out of the proceedings for hacking into the private media’s computer system there this week.

Hackers wear the black hats in this setup. Hackees? Their security breaches are aired out for all to see on the conference’s “Wall of Sheep.”

Read more about it here: http://www.cnn.com/2008/TECH/08/08/reporters.hacking.ap/index.html


One Response to ““Baaaa” … Black hats and the Wall of Sheep”

  1. twotrees Says:

    Me thinks they should just be called hacks, like those who butcher things – hacking is one of the biggest problems worldwide, along with spammers, and those who send viruses around the web.

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