Room inside the tent for everyone?

September 19, 2008

Blogging — the “citizen journalism” that’s given traditional news reporting some stiff competition in the past few years from its digs across the good ol’ World Wide Web — is still new enough to this world that it raises doubts from some stalwart newsmongers to its reliability as a proper news source.

It’s kind of ironic that a blog post about the validity of blog posting would question this, but then that’s what good journalism is all about: questioning everything and presenting multiple sides of an issue (the best that we can).

That’s what an article penned by a professor at the Columbia graduate school for journalism examines: if journalism was holding a party under a big tent, how many people would fit? Who would be invited? And really, isn’t journalism, like anything else, just a label we’ve applied to define something that cannot really be defined? Profundity, indeed.

Comments most interesting to me in the feature were made by a former NBC correspondent. He claims “education, skill and standards” are what separate the real from the wannabes.

Something to think about after following this link:


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