How ever will celeb gossip journalism survive?

September 25, 2008

OK, so I will admit that writing the headline for today’s “Fourth Estate” blog entry is a bit contradictory on two counts.

For one, can “celeb journalism” really be considered journalism, or just the usual tawdry gossip dressed up to look presentable?

And two, the info I got for this came from a gossip Web site.

“The Scoop,” the section of MSN’s Web home, reports that magazines in the celeb reporting world – the Peoples, US Weeklies, OK!s and such — are also suffering under the weight of a drained economy.

So apparently it’s not just the traditional news outlets that are hurting bad, but the eye-grabbing, paparazzi photo-laden rags we can’t ever seem to avoid when entering the checkout aisle. As I blogged about in a previous entry, that’s how pubs like the National Enquirer and People have been successful — not from subscriptions, but from the turning over of individual copies picked up when buying the groceries.

“Shelling out the cash at the grocery-store cash register isn’t a priority when times are tough,” the story reports.

It’s also affected the way magazines with a celeb-news coverage do business, too. No more big bucks for those secret surveillance photos of baby humps, million-dollar weddings, or voyeuristic shots of Brad Pitt and family vacationing on the French Riviera.

Read it here:


One Response to “How ever will celeb gossip journalism survive?”

  1. Sara Says:

    While I’ve been guilty a few times of looking in on my favorite celebs, I’m digusted by how much junk there is related to keeping tabs on the stars. They want the spotlight, right? Wrong! They want to be known for their body of work, not their personal lives.

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