On its own … like a Rolling Stone

October 14, 2008

Smaller in size, big in content? Rolling Stone reborn.

Smaller in size, big in content? Rolling Stone reborn.

Looks like Rolling Stone, that gargantuan tome of rock and roll times and culture among news stands, will be joining the ranks of its lesser magazine brethren by the end of this month.

The roughly 11×14-inch pub we all know and love will be converting to a smaller, more standard size common among other publications, the magazine’s publishers have announced. Their reason? A cost-cutting measure in dire days of print journalism that even the mighty Stone cannot seem to weather.

To use the rock n’ roll analogy, it’s like the arena band relegated to playing shed festivals, small theaters, and even worse, low-capacity state fairs once their glory days fade and their fame washes up. Of course, in most cases of has-been acts, the upcoming appearance at the local downtown bar is fully intentional, all part of some kind of smaller, intimate, “In Your Face” tour. *cough* can’tdrawthecrowdsanymore *cough*

That’s not to say Rolling Stone is on its way to extinction, or even to being washed up, however. Their top dogs have claimed circulation has remained strong. And to offset its more diminutive size, the magazine’s page count will actually be higher – 100 to 148 pages.

One person quoted in MSN’s coverage of the story even called Rolling Stone’s formerly large format “intimidating.”

Huh? Isn’t that what rock n’ roll is all about?

I can’t imagine how Jann Wenner, Mick Jagger or even Bob Dylan must feel.



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