Drop, cover and hold on!!

November 12, 2008

Get ready for the big one, Ventura County.

Tomorrow (Nov. 13) is the date of the Great Southern California ShakeOut, a precautionary earthquake drill taking place all over the region, where us Californians are privy to the testy and unpredictable nature of the San Andreas Faultline, notorious for some major seismic activity that last hit the area in July. (Here in Ventura, we felt tremors from that quake — imagine how bad it was down in L.A.)

It looks like the drill, which will take place at 10 a.m., is sort of a simultaneous duck-and-cover exercise not unlike what students and office workers familiarized themselves with during the air raid drills of World War II. In terms of emergency response, drills like this are very good practice because, as we all know, some of the most dangerous — and fatal — natural disasters are earthquakes. Raising awareness to them is important.

The ShakeOut Web site says that more than 75,000 Ventura County businesses, schools and groups are registered and will take part tomorrow morning.

To find out more about the drill, visit shakeout.org.


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