The PHACts become clearer in Camarillo

November 24, 2008

Walking along Main Street in Ventura towards the midtown this weekend, I noticed for the first time a lawn sign announcing the Web site of a group called the Prison Hospital Action Committee, or PHAC, for short.

What was once an unofficial collection of Camarillo residents appears to be building up, stronger and stronger, in their opposition against a proposed prisoners’ medical facility a federal agent is looking to dispatch into a town still trying to shake off its bad reputation for housing a mental hospital that’s been the subject of infamy and myth in many a pop song.

According to the Web site, it looks like PHAC has about 300 members and eight volunteer groups, and they’re looking for donations to cover the costs of the anti-hospital ad campaign.

Does PHAC have its “PHACts” straight about the prison hospital? Read and be the judge:


One Response to “The PHACts become clearer in Camarillo”

  1. mimici06 Says:

    Nice play on words there. 😀
    I saw the signs you speak of and wondered if they were left over from election time or newly placed. I mean, why put them here?

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