Is nothing sacred anymore??

December 24, 2008

You’d think that there are certain times of the year, no matter what a person’s motives are for leaning towards the wrong side of the tracks, that criminals would refrain for just a bit from the crime-doing ways. You know, like at Christmastime.

You’d think.

Not so in Ventura County. Now, we receive in our office press releases from the sheriff’s department on a daily basis about burglaries, assaults and worse. But this week alone, the amount of “Christmas-themed” crimes is close to being called almost trendworthy by your humble blogger, here in Estate Numero Quattro.

December 18: deputies in Camarillo arrested two men who had broken into a home, ransacked the place … and even started opening presents under the Christmas tree. Of course, by the time police caught up with the real life Grinches, they had taken some of the presents with them.

December 21: A man and woman both wearing Santa hats were caught on surveillance camera robbing the Hampton Inn, also in Camarillo. Still at large, the Christmas spirit-killing duo took off with an undisclosed amount of cash.

Is nothing sacred anymore these days?


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