And the holiday carnage continues, in this sick, sad world

December 26, 2008

Wow. Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, it does.

Holiday-season crimes, now including several fatalities into the felony-laden mix, have worsened in the past few days so much, that I considered replacing my last blog entry with this one because the robberies I listed pale in comparison to what’s gone down since.

Shocked and stunned to hear about the distraught man in the L.A. area — Bruce Pardo — who took his own life after gunning down several people at a Christmas party, then burning the house to the ground with people still inside. Pardo’s target: his estranged ex-wife and ex-in-laws.

There’s a reason why they’re calling the murders the “Santa Massacre,” and it’s not only because it took place on Christmas; Pardo had showed up at the proceedings dressed in full St. Nick garb. There had been a local tradition every Christmas party, it seems, where a neighbor would drop by dressed like Santa, but since they moved away, police believe Pardo knew about the tradition and donned the suit, mainly as a way of catching partygoers off guard so he could attack. Terrible, terrible stuff, and the body count is up to nine as of this afternoon.

Of course, Ventura County does not go without mention, and hearing about the unprovoked murder — the operative word here is unprovoked — of a Ventura convenience store clerk early this morning is all the more sobering when you know it happened in your vicinity.

Sean Odle, 30, was killed by a gunshot to the chest simply for showing up and doing his job early this morning, when most people were still sleeping off their hangovers from too much egg nog.

If there are ever times when Planet Earth’s motto could be “Sick, Sad World,” this is one of them.


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