Phil to the rescue

February 2, 2009


Happy Groundhog’s Day! Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow this morning, which means we’re in for another six weeks of winter weather.

We spoiled Californians can’t vouch too much for anything resembling a chilly, frigid climate, save for the winter of discontent that has been this bad economy and scale-tipping unemployment rate on the West Coast.

Just today it was reported that another major retailer — in this case, Macy’s — was swinging the axe down on over 7,000 jobs. And in Ventura? Downtown businesses have seen it worse. Businesses are closing, opening, and jumping from storefront to storefront to cut costs, making Main Street a veritable commercial checkerboard. Corporate bigwigs are looking for entree into the downtown sector, but it’s still too early to see how that will pan out with consumers.

None of this is taking into account, either, the already unemployed, who have been facing problems collecting their out-of-work benefits due to enormous caseloads wrapped up in red tape at unemployment offices.

If only Phil could predict there were just six more weeks of bad economics, we could rest a bit easier and not feel like we’re all Bill Murray, repeating the same day, over and over and over … and over … again.


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