Why the City of Fillmore should change its name to Fillless

March 6, 2009

It’s hard when a paper with the barest bones of a skeleton crew has the responsibility of covering the goings on of an entire county. That’s a ratio of about 800,000 people to a scant editorial team of a token three.

Since I’ve been here, I can’t recall ever writing something about that wee, tiny little enclave of a town called Fillmore, a population of under 14,000 contributing to just a fraction of the county’s demographic (I also just discovered that we don’t even distribute our publication there). So I thought I’d take the opportunity to make some comments on the city by saying:

What the hell is going on in Fillmore?!

Since the beginning of the New Year, just under two months ago, three — count ’em, three — city officials have resigned from their posts under the most peculiar of circumstances.

Special Projects Manager Roy Payne quit last month, followed by the resignation of City Manager Tom Ristau last week. Just a few days ago, a third resignation, that of Steve McClary, the city’s administrative services manager, was announced.

It’s been surmised that the first two resignations came about after a disapproval of a city council decision to perform job performance reviews on these men. The daily paper said this, at least, but didn’t really clarify if that was the real reason.

Were these men pushed? Did they jump willingly? Was there something covert going on behind the scenes that prompted them to step down? Are these officials hiding something? Is it a case of some suppressed corruption just waiting to see the light of day? And just who’s running the town’s local government anyway? In my view, that is one too many resignations of some top officials to pass over without a thought.

These types of suspicions, I say, are the same for any town in Ventura County, or in the world, for that matter, where one wonders who really is controlling city hall.

They may say less is more, but for the time being, a more fitting name for Fillmore could be “Fill-Less.”


One Response to “Why the City of Fillmore should change its name to Fillless”

  1. michaelsullivanvcr Says:

    fill*less?? inneresting. Fillmore has its own set of issues that reach far beyond city hall…

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