Bury this fiasco already

March 17, 2009

The jaunty, playful bond between human and dog should remain at Cemetery Park, say petitioners.

The jaunty, playful bond between human and dog should remain at Cemetery Park, say petitioners.

I didn’t call it a fiasco. They did. About a thousand times over.

At least that’s about how many fliers petitioning a graveyard memorial project I saw plastered this weekend on every single car up and down Poli Street, the downtown thoroughfare that crosses with Cemetery Park.

Cemetery Park, to the uninitiated, is the infamous burial ground turned dog park that an army of Venturans is hoping to keep that way. They oppose an expensive project backed by city hall that calls for a series of bronze markers, a topiary garden and remembrance wall to immortalize the more than 3,000 pioneers interred there, much to the chagrin of petitioners who want a dog park, and traditionalists who want neither, preferring instead the parcel revert to its original, stoic cemetery state.

The petitions were distributed around town during Saturday’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade, where the project was vehemently called a “fiasco” on the 8×11-sized papers. As of last month, the petition had garnered about 500 signatures; it’d be interesting to see how many more were obtained through last weekend’s windshield effort.

Does it qualify as propagandist on their behalf? Perhaps … but at least they could get their facts straight. The last we reported on the matter, it was verified by officials that the project would cost less than $4 million. Petitioners for the Preserve Cemetery Park awareness effort, however, still maintain that original, and rumored, dollar figure.

Three thousand, four million, six feet under … when will the fiasco end?


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