Fillmore continues to intrigue

March 25, 2009

I wouldn’t say there’s any part of Ventura County that’s a slice of bucolic paradise (Thousand Oaks likes to think it is), but I have to say my attention’s been piqued by the madness in Fillmore lately, a seemingly sleepy town that almost always fails to register on the news radar.

The past weekend alone, police begin their search for two men suspected of assaulting and carjacking another man outside a local restaurant.

Authorities have also been on the lookout for three teenage boys thought to be the culprits in a rash of graffiti “Krew” taggings across town.

And let’s not forget the case of the exploding soft drink vending machine. A Fillmore teen, according to police, was charged with blowing up the cola depository with an explosive device.

And those are just a few of the problems plaguing the kind city these days; if you remember, a few weeks ago I blogged about the internal gaffes happening down at city hall, where three top-ranking officials bid adieu to their posts.

If there was some sort of award given out for this sort of thing, Fillmore could win “most surprising newcomer in criminal activity.” Current title holder is Oxnard. Watch out!


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