Some sensitivity, please (and more personal responsibility)

April 23, 2009

Officials in Oxnard seem to be under a good influence from leaders in the City of Ventura who’ve been dedicated to curbing the homeless problem plighting many a person in our good city.

Now I just wish that the rest of everyone in the county with a roof over their head would get a clue and cultivate a bit more sensitivity to the local homeless community.

What’s appalled and shocked me this week is the online backlash against the Oxnard City Council’s decision to spend $1.1 million in stimulus funds for homeless prevention and re-housing efforts, for those without a home in the city limits.

Comments on the Web site that originally carried the story have ranged from prejudiced, snide remarks, to the most selfish retorts. Most have weighed in that they want the stimulus dollars for themselves; and that the homeless shouldn’t get the money because, as we all know, they appreciate nothing but a free handout, right?


To say that the lives they lead is rough, is one of the biggest understatements one could make about the many downsides of modern American culture.

I’ve met and interviewed several homeless people in Ventura, and I’m not making all of them out to be saintly … but they could use all the help they can get.

Some of the big offenders:

“Great. More ‘compassionate’ dollars for mooching weasels who won’t stop abusing drugs and alcohol and prefer that lifestyle.”

“Excellent … one more group of non-taxpaying moochers I get to pay for.”

And a token positive comment in support of the city council:

“You are all so pissed off at the Homeless who are far worse off than any of you sitting at your computer.”

Show some personal responsibility, people, and get yourselves out of your own financial messes you’ve created by being careless with your money … and just be thankful you’ve got a home.

It’s a lot more than others can lay claim to.


One Response to “Some sensitivity, please (and more personal responsibility)”

  1. Sespe Angel Says:

    Do people remember when all the mentally ill who were being cared for in the hospitals were put out? Government idealistically thought they would be better cared for in a home setting and those did not truly materialize. Where did we think these people went and where do they go now? What happened to conscience and compassion? Has it been dissolved in the acid of our anger at betrayal? Let the anger go and let the love flow. Many of these are mentally ill and addicted. They need medical care and rehabilitation. They are incapable of taking care of themselves. Judge not, etc.

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