Swine flu conspiracy? When pigs fly!

April 30, 2009


Today, the local public health department confirmed two new cases of the swine flu to hit Ventura County.

And the U.S. FDA, despite working “at 100 miles an hour,” according to one of its researchers quoted in the L.A. Times, won’t have an effective vaccine for the deadly flu for at least a few months.

Yet considering science’s feverish pace, other specialists in the field are saying that this dreading outbreak of the H1N1 virus isn’t all that deadly.

One scientist at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis says this new strain of swine flu, which has already killed a 2-year-old in Texas, won’t come anywhere near the 50-million-plus fatality rate brought down by the nation’s 1918 pandemic.

Still, as history tells us, any major catastrophic event is bound to bring out the most implausible of conspiracy theories from people who think they’re “in the know” about the government’s evil ways.

Swine flu hasn’t been spared from being cooked into bacon by theorists across the country, and the Times today printed excerpts from some more noted conspiracy Web sites. Predictably, the majority surmised that the outbreak is at the hands of a U.S. government looking to strike fear into the hearts of Americans.

The flu, they say, was most likely concocted in some top secret underground lab and released into the world, not unlike what has been said for years about, for example, the HIV virus — that it was premeditated and planned.

Another opinion theorized that it was the nation’s largest pork producer which unleashed the flu onto an unsuspecting public — and oddly, its own customers.

Even more theories, surprisingly, back up the St. Jude’s theory about the flu’s low prevalence. Yet they also claim it’s all a ruse by pharmaceutical companies to get people to buy more medicines from them.

A lot of conspiracy theories, especially in light of events like 9/11, have ranged from the most intelligent dissections, to the downright ridiculous. Frankly, I don’t know if any of these knee-jerk theories are true … and blaming the government is such a George Bush-era thing to do.

Next we’ll hear that a band of Martians landed one evening and infected the pigs of the world with a strange alien virus.

I’ll believe that one … when pigs fly.


One Response to “Swine flu conspiracy? When pigs fly!”

  1. Cake-Pie Says:

    I love your article, additionally you have a great image of pigs flying.

    I linked this entry in my blog (sadly, it’s mostly about the pigs) and thought you’d like to know!

    Thank you for blogging! As silly as my blog is I have been following the progress of this so-called end of the world–which I agree a lot of this is just crazy talk. I do like your sense of humor!

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