Ballot boxes and ghost towns

May 19, 2009

Last November, Election Day crackled with the electric excitement of getting a new president into the White House.

Lines at polling places trailed out the door, at all times of the day that Tuesday, and in my town, it was no different.

Needless to say, the hustle, bustle and flow was well worth it if it meant getting Obama elected.

Today, I ambled down to my nearest polling center, again, to participate in California’s statewide special election. I expected a similar volume of able-bodied, eager voters ready to exercise their Constitutional rights.

As I walked in, I at first thought they had closed … the place was empty. Not a single person stood in line. There wasn’t even anybody on their way out, having just cast their ballot. There were only two volunteers on duty.

According to one of the volunteers, in my district I was voter #57 in 5 hours.  That was from 7 a.m. up till noon — more than half the day.

She said plenty of people had turned in their ballots by mail … but, alas, if voter attendance in person continues through today the way the numbers tell it, we’ll be lucky to have 100 people show up to vote.

It’s pretty evident that this special election has garnered little interest here in Ventura. It’s proof that our town truly is filled with apathy … or that the six propositions posed to us truly are confusing as all hell to decipher and comprehend enough to vote on with any confidence.

At just past 1:20 p.m., there’s still over 7 hours to go out, cast your ballot, let your voice be heard, and make a difference!


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