Poor sports who think it’s a game

June 1, 2009

There’ve been an alarming number of fistfights, and worse, in Ventura County this past week.

Downtown last week the “Hush” fight, outside the popular Ventura nightclub, made headlines when the brawl made its way outside to a parking lot late one evening.

And yesterday, we’ve heard of a soccer game in Oxnard that resulted in an all-out round of fisticuffs.

Disturbing, for one, is that both incidents were cases of antagonists refusing to pick on someone their own size (or age).

In the Hush fight, it was Robert Garcia, 34, who was arrested for assaulting a man 12 years his junior.

At the Oxnard fight, it was a 23-year-old soccer player who pounced upon a 15-year-old opponent — a mere child.

If you think that’s bad, consider that Garcia, a former professional boxer, knew that he’d have an unfair advantage even if his victim had agreed to the challenge.

Violence is deplorable, yet there was a time when dueling, however archaic, was a mutual thing between men who stood up to a challenge.

Here, we have two poor sports who can’t cope with losing. The one big distinction? This is no game.

We have lots of gang violence here in Ventura County, but even then, there’s an understanding that the (playing) fields are somewhat level; the rivalry is welcomed.

But with these incidents, it’s just a case of bullies pulling their weight against someone they’re sure they can win over. It’s a cowardly thing to think that a pair of grown men still resort to these kinds of behaviors.

A drunken fight outside a nightclub late at night is almost somewhat predictable … and I suppose a brawl from a sport such as soccer, which can get rough, seems common. But it makes you wonder just how safe we really are. It’s as if a fight could break out anywhere, at any time.

At best, it makes one more aware of their surroundings. At worst? It can make you fear for your safety.

Have you ever been stuck in a place where an unexpected fight broke out? Share your thoughts.


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