The O.J. of the VC

June 3, 2009

From the way the Faria Beach case is unfolding, the suspected killer of a Ventura couple has got nothing on O.J. Simpson, pictured here in his 1994 mugshot.

From the way the Faria Beach murder case is unfolding, O.J. Simpson, pictured here in his 1994 mugshot, has got nothing on the suspected killer of a Ventura couple.

Two weeks from today will mark the 15th anniversary Orenthal James Simpson was arrested for the brutal stabbing murder of his ex-wife and her companion.

In the most famous of  criminal trials in the history of the U.S., O.J. was acquitted, but the stigma of the crime, and the public’s certainty that he was the real killer, have persisted to this day.

The more I hear about new details emerging in last month’s shocking Faria Beach murders here in Ventura, the more I’m reminded of O.J.

Here we had a wealthy, attractive couple, attacked stealthily in the night, stabbed multiple times, with the mystery killer slipping away, leaving the most horrific of crime scenes.

At first the killings of the Husteds, much like Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman, were considered random. But those claims have quickly turned into theories that the killings were planned and the couple targeted.

Today, it was reported that police have warrants to search four vehicles (including a boat) registered to Brock Husted. The search warrants are sealed.

(Sealed search warrants = The police know something more they don’t want to tell us.)

Going on the warrants alone tells anyone that there’s something deeper to this case, i.e. that the Faria killings were not random at all, planned out to the last detail.

Online posters and conspiracy theorists have conjured up scenarios of a secret affair gone bad; business deals soured; or personal animosity sent further awry.

Just the most cursory of details points the crime in that direction. There was nothing taken from the house (eliminating robbery); a knife, not a gun, was used (the killer kept the incident quiet); and he/she concealed their identity with a motorcycle helmet (could they have otherwise been recognized by the Husteds?).

The killer, once caught, could become the O.J. Simpson of Ventura County. There’s no doubt this trial will be highly publicized beyond belief: the switching off of legal teams, wrongful death suits abounding, the final penalties dire.

Whatever the outcome, if you take away all the rest, both crimes are similar in at least one way: people had to lose their lives through senseless violence.


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