Point parking problems? Possibly.

September 10, 2009

Thought I’d take the opportunity to rebut a letter we received this week from Mr. Jenkin of the Surfrider Foundation, who says that our Aug. 27 article on a beach path restoration in Ventura was incorrect in stating that parking will be impacted.

“Your article,” he says, “incorrectly portrays the beach restoration project at Surfers Point as impacting coastal access.”

In the article, it was reported that the project includes temporarily removing a portion of car parking access while a pedestrian/bike path is moved back. If all goes to plan, and this first phase of the restoration is finished by summer 2010, the parking lot is opened up, back to normal, and all is fine at the beach.

That is, if the project is finished on time. This restoration has been fraught with so many delays that the chances of a project snafu happening are very, very likely. This is a project whose discussions and draft designs date back as far as 1995. 1995!

City purveyors say that in the event of this happening, parking is available across the street on the property of the county’s fairgrounds. But even then, that parking availability could be threatened. If the restoration is placed indefinitely on hold, by next summer parking at the fairgrounds may be needed for fairground events.

Not to mention that the fairgrounds board was resistant to begin with on lending the city parking, and it all makes for an air of reluctancy.

“Could happen,” “Maybe,” “Might be threatened.” The article spoke to the possibility of parking access being taken away. It didn’t state that it would definitely happen. And we wouldn’t run with a story unless such a possibility was truly distinct.

And that’s where the letter writer, or anyone who echoes the same feeling, is misinformed because they didn’t read the story carefully enough. The only error made here is that someone tried to correct us with their incorrect understanding.

It’s worth clarifying.


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