Small victories come from large battles

September 17, 2009

As word came in yesterday hat a $15,000 donation has enabled a second battered women’s shelter to reopen in Ventura County, I have to send kudos to Rex Belisle, the Desert Storm veteran we interviewed this summer, for getting his veterans mental health/rehab center up and running.

Belisle, who got in touch with us following Ventura’s annual “Stand Down” homeless veterans event this summer, is a licensed counselor who had desires to start his own military-centric help center for veterans suffering from alcoholism, drug abuse, and outbursts of violence, which Belisle and other professionals have linked primarily to the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD.

Belisle stated that he experienced the same troubles after his discharge from the Armed Forces.

He’d taken it upon himself to get the word out noting that Ventura County had a lack of such resources, especially given the fact that there is also no full-time homeless shelter here.

The Veteran’s Help Center is in Oxnard on West 4th Street. To get in touch with Belisle, call him at 988-1112 x 249, or through email at


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