An ass-inine choice

May 14, 2010

A new recruit for the prolonged Rocketdyne cleanup.

I don’t know if animals will ever get the kindness and respect they’re due on Planet Earth. Even in 2010, during a time when we’re supposed to be so evolved as people, we continually treat them as some kind of inferior species.

Take a look at the news and everywhere you look, there’s some injustice being done to animals. CNN reported today …

… that people are getting up in arms again about the shi-shi class who eat foie gras, and the pain and suffering inflicted to geese and ducks by enlarging their livers for the delicacy.

We reported this week that the always-conservative congressman Elton Gallegly made a noble, yet surprise, step forward for the benefit of gerbils, mice, bunnies and kittens, victims in so-called “crush videos.”

The videos, depicting said animals being stomped and killed (usually by a dominatrix’s heel), is a cruel subset of the porn film industry, and Gallegly is crafting new laws to ban the videos after a previous ruling was recently overturned federally.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, this week the EPA is looking to use mules to carry out toxicity monitoring at one of Ventura County’s two favorite nuclear dumps: the Santa Susana Field Lab, AKA Rocketdyne.

The mules, according to a video on the VC Star’s Web site, will wear special saddles on their backs with a sort of geiger counter-esque reader to determine levels of radiation and toxicity.

Rocketdyne needed cleaning up 100 yesterdays ago, but don’t you think there’s a more humane way to do this? As in, by not exploiting animals? Or their health?

You’d think with nearby Simi Valley’s affinity for horses and equine culture, there’d be a bit more sensitivity to mules, or any other four-legged animal they might send out into the trenches of contaminated rocket testing pits.

Whoever rubber stamped the decision to dispatch animals to clean up a human’s mess should ask themselves:

Who’s the real ass?